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In Development

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Unlock the Mystery of the Puzzle Box! Dr. Mary B. Wilder has traveled through time and space and left clues for The Puzzle Kids to find her. Is she on the moon with Buzz Aldrin or watching the Egyptians build the pyramids? The Puzzle Kids will need to use their skills in Math, Science, History and Language to solve the mystery.

With a desire to make learning fun, Dr. Mary Bl Wilder created The Puzzle Box as a magical machine that can travel the universe. To activate its power, the Puzzle Kids must work together to solve four unique puzzles that contain clues as to where they are going next!

The goal of Puzzle Kids is to offer kids a Clear Path to Play. Kids and parents can activate the on screen QR Code at any time that will link directly to a family friendly website offering each episode's unique puzzles and allowing the viewer to become the 5th member of The Puzzle Kids!

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