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Feature, Musical 2020 (German)

Ten years after World War II, Germany and France are still lost in pain. A young German woman, Marie, finds solace in the arms of a French man as she morns the loss of her husband in the war. Meanwhile a new generation looks for a peaceful way to co-exist.


The Old Man and the Sea: Return to Cuba

Documentary 2018

His family fled Cuba when Castro took over. Now after 50 years, master sailor Finbar Gittleman returns to Havana to see what is left of his former home. Along the way, we hear tales of his life lived on the sea, battling hurricanes and facing off with the Cuban government during the Mariel Boat lift. 


Leaving My Father's Faith

Documentary 2018

International best selling author and pastor Tony Campolo is devastated when his 50 year old son Bart announces that he no longer believes in God. Having worked together for decades, the two must now find a way reconcile their personal understandings of Christianity and Humanism before a rift separates them indefinitely.


Dicky Sledgehammer

Short, Action-Comedy

Dicky is a clueless detective who can't even help himself let alone other people. His fumbles can turn a simple case into a major disaster for everyone involved. When Sunday Stone hires Dicky to find out who broke into her home, she gets more than she bargained for in this darkly hilarious nod to the classic film noir genre.


Puzzle Box

Sci-fi/ Educational

Four amazing kids follow their friend Dr. Wilder through space and time by solving puzzles in a magical box.

Patch poster 338x500.jpg

Patch: The Steampunk Pirate Bear

Animation Series - Kids/ Action

PATCH and his crew aboard the steam sailing vessel WOLF, battle the Four Kingdoms from one floating island to the next as they fight for their freedom. Outnumbered and outgunned, Patch must gather other bears to his cause before his nemesis Caroline catches up to him.


Fancy Pantsy Fantasy Pals


Stuck inside the world’s biggest mansion with nothing to do, Charlie MoneyBags the Fifth desperately wants what money can’t buy: friends and a normal childhood. One day while playing in their forbidden attic, Charlie stumbles upon a magical pair of pants that starts a chain of events sending his life wildly out of control!


The Mr. Gray Show!

Animation Series Kids/ Family

Struggling cartoonist Mr. Gray is about to give up on his dream when a magical creature appears and introduces him to a world of pure imagination that changes his life forever.


Sophie's World

Pre-school Educational

Sophie’s World is a 3+ preschool animated show which focuses on learning about the world around you with the help of people and cultures from every country on earth.

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