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Sophie’s World is a 3+ preschool animated show which focuses on learning about the world around you with the help of people and cultures from every country on earth.

Sophie is a young talking dog who wants to know more about the world. She lives in a large town house/ apartment complex called “La Casa Grande” in Los Angeles with her best friend Dakota. Sophie is a little shy, but Dakota is always pushing Sophie to go outside and explore more of the world around them.

Sophie will talk with the audience as she and Dakota go about their day so that she can ask the kids to repeat and mimic things happening in the show.
“Can you help me count the blue birds in the tree?” She asks.

As Sophie and Dakota explore, they find that they need help doing tasks, so they ask for help from their neighbors. The neighbors in La Casa Grande are from all over the world. Germany, France, Mexico, Japan, Iceland, Native American and Indigenous people from Canada and Australia, every people group from all walks of life are represented in Sophie’s World.

As the neighbors help with each task, they teach Sophie and Dakota words, numbers and phrases in their native language. By the end of the episode, the characters are all signing an original folk style song about what they learned, in English and the special language for that episode.

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