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In Development


Struggling cartoonist Mr. Gray is about to give up on his dream when a magical creature appears and introduces him to a world of pure imagination that changes his life forever.

Through the magical power of the polka-dot portal, Mr. Gray can literally travel between the real world and the world of his own imagination. 

The real world of Mr. Gray consists of an apartment building filled with multi-ethnic, multi-gender, diverse neighbors, while the world of his imagination is filled with zany mash-up creatures such as the Ostrichpotamus (Ostrich / Hippopotamus) and the Racctopus (Raccoon / Octopus) who roam along side thousands of happee-go-lucky characters in a town appropriately named, HappeeVille.

Taking a page from the comic strips Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes who relied on philosophical ideas to teach valuable life lessons, The Mr. Gray Show! leans into those same tools to share child friendly ideas on mental health, selflessness and compassion for all.

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